RE Born in the USA


Early in 2006, after sponsoring a young player from Miami, We were asked to send one of her frames direct to a racquet technician based in Boca Raton.


It wasn't long before Sven Goth was calling our UK office, asking who, what and how did we make such a great quality racquet.


We worked closely together for several months on US player's racquets before Sven joined Vantage full time and set up our dedicated US office.



No stopping him


Our US office goes from strength to strength and now handles more custom racquet builds per month than the UK office. All delivered on time and at the right spec. Now that's German efficiency for you !


What's in a name


If you look at most of the racquet brands around today, its easy to question their heritage. The brand name may have been in existence for 100 years but in reality the people who own or run the company may have less than 5 years experience in the racquet industry.


Our racquet technicians have both been building racquets for over 12 years for both amateur and professional players.


Players like Blake, Haas, Robredo, Henman, Lendl.


As well as experienced technicians, Vantage is also fully supported by the industry's leading manufactures in all areas of the product line up. Each one of them already supplying tennis players for over 25 years.







Off and running (running around)


Launched on February 7th 2005, was quick to attract the attention of racquet fanatics around the world. Within the first 12 months, Vantage custom racquets had been shipped to 34 different countries.


It was soon clear however, that nearly 70% of all orders were coming from the USA and it was going to become difficult to service their needs from our UK office. Time to look for stateside help!

In the beginning


Mid 2004, Paul Angell was working for "the other" British racquet brand. Working with numerous players on the tour and in close contact with the coaching fraternity, he spotted a gap in the racquet market. No racquet brand was offering customers a complete choice of specifications.


The concept of custom racquets was simple. It was already a proven winner in golf where custom clubs have been available for years and are currently more popular than ever before.



Image of Vantage players